Accounting for Short Sales?

Answer Short sale properties are those where the seller negotiates with the bank to sell the property for less than the mortgage balance. When completing and closing a short sale transaction, an accurate ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Net Sales in Accounting?

The concept of net sales is at the core of accounting and is crucial to a business that sells goods. If you are the owner of a company, it is essential to be aware of your net sales as opposed to y... Read More »

What is a sales invoice in accounting terms?

A sales invoice is an essential source document used to validate several pieces of accounting information. For every sale that is made, an invoice is generated. Revenue, accounts receivable, invent... Read More »

How to Do Small Business Accounting Sales Taxes?

Click to enlargeCurrently, there are 45 states in the USA that impose a sales tax. Local governments can levy sales taxes as well. Assuming that the accounting firm has properly programmed their ac... Read More »

Types of Short Sales?

Short sales occur when a homeowner is unable to maintain a mortgage payment and is in danger of losing her property to foreclosure. While a short sale does not allow the owner to keep the property,... Read More »