Accounting for Factoring of Receivables?

Answer Accounting for factoring receivables is not complicated once you establish the appropriate accounts and understand how factoring works. Factoring is when a company sells the right to collect on its... Read More »

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What does"comprehensive receivables"mean in accounting?

In accounting, comprehensive receivables are all the money payments that you expect from customers or clients. An efficient comprehensive receivables plan will allow you to collect money effectivel... Read More »

Policies for Receivables?

Accounts receivable are amounts that customers owe to a company. Accounts receivable are short-term assets, meaning the company expects to receive funds within 12 months. Other examples of short-te... Read More »

How to Record Write-Off of Receivables?

A company must track its accounts receivable, all the money a company is due to collect in the short-term, usually within one year. Sometimes accounts in receivables may be thought to be uncollecti... Read More »

Definition of a Receivables Purchase Agreement?

An accounts-receivable purchase agreement is a contract between an operating company (the seller) and a financing company (the purchaser). An operating company generates accounts receivable in the ... Read More »