Accounting Transactions That Affect Balance Sheets?

Answer In order for investors, regulators or the public to get an idea of a company's finances within a certain period of time, they can examine its balance sheet. A balance sheet typically covers a quart... Read More »

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How to Do Accounting Transactions?

In its most basic form, every accounting transaction is both a debit and a credit. Every entry into a journal must reflect a debit to 1 account and a credit to another account. Traditionally debits... Read More »

How Are Business Transactions and Financial Statements Related to the Accounting Equation?

Investors, lenders and managers rely on published financial statements to evaluate company performance and make decisions. Investors decide which companies to put their money into. Lenders determin... Read More »

Definition of Off Balance Sheet Accounting?

Off balance sheet accounting is a form of accounting for assets, debt or other financing activities not included on a company’s main balance sheet. The balance sheet is a financial statement used... Read More »

How to Make a Balance Sheet for Accounting?

The balance sheet is one of the main financial statements of a business. It shows a company's assets, liabilities, and owner's equity. By creating a balance sheet for accounting, you will get an id... Read More »