According to you which language is phonetic ?

Answer I'll go with Spanish.

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Poll : A new phonetic language or Transliteration of English language..?

Transliteration of English languageUnlike most other languages English doesn't have a set phonetic pronunciation for every word. Besides English,learning another 1 or 2 languages is an added advant... Read More »

Phonetic Differences of the Scottish Language?

Phonetics is the scientific study of speech. Specifically, phonetics looks at the production of speech sounds used in different languages. Scottish is a Germanic language with five distinct dialect... Read More »

What's the most romantic song according to you(any language)?

old songs:all my life by Americait might be you by Stephen BishopsGot to believe in magic by David PomeranzYou by the CarpentersLove is all that matters by Eric Carmena long & lasting love by Cryst... Read More »

Which is the best searhc engine according to you ?