According to you what kind of a person would like to be "always on Facebook"?

Answer Actually I don’t know the answer, but I came here only to say a biggg Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii to my friend….Have a great great day sweet friend :)

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What kind of person would like photography?

Most people like photography because it is visually pleasing. Technically advanced people may enjoy the technical side of photography, while artistic and thoughtful people may enjoy the conceptual ... Read More »

What kind of makeover would you like to give the person before and after you?

Well, darling, for Pearl, I'd say contact lenses, a looser hairstyle, and a dress in some kind of floaty fabric...a little bit of lip stain and some subtle eye shadow for glam, and some long, dangl... Read More »

What kind of drink would you like Would you like to get drunk and crash the prom in R&S ?

What kind of person would I get to fix my house foundation?

I would not look in the phone book. I would call your local lumber yard and ask for the name of a small Masonry contractor or General Contractor that does smaller jobs.Get a couple of names and hav... Read More »