According to the army foi officer at ft knox KY minor children are automatically emancipated when they enlisted in the army at age 17 is this correct?

Answer You are not automatically emancipated. Everything else stays the same except for the fact that you are a soldier. To enlist, you must be 17 with parental consent or 18 without parental consent. ... Read More »

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Do you have to be prior enlisted to become a warrant officer in the US Army?

What happens if a army soilders has PTSD and gets an dishonorable discharge from the army from hitting an officer?

He considers himself fortunate that he was not charged criminally and court marshalled for striking an officer, and goes home to carry on with his life as best he can.

What is the difference between enlisting with the army vs doing the rotc program and going into the army as an officer?

Irregardless you will need to enlist into the Army, the ROTC program offered through some colleges requires you to be in the Army Reserves prior to applying for the Scholarship, it is your choice o... Read More »

Can you switch from the army to the marines after going through Army ROTC and becoming an Officer?