Accidenty put expired milk while making brownies?

Answer The other person is right people put sour cream and buttermilk in their recipes so it shouldn't make it taste bad. Also since you are cooking them it should kill the bacteria. If there's one cup of... Read More »

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Can You Add Milk to Homemade Brownies?

Personally, I prefer to have the milk with them, but you could replace the amount of water the recipes calls for - only the water, not the oil -with milk, but that may throw off the end result a bit.

Making brownies with cannabutter?

you need to understand the concentration level of the ingredients and come up with the appropriate "dose" per serving.If you toast it in oven or fry it up in butter it activates it. Throwing it in ... Read More »

Making weed brownies?

None. Making weed brownies is illegal in most places. If it is legal, be sure to tell the people you're serving, because if you don't and they get high without their consent, it is considered assault.

Help making magic love brownies?