Accidently flagged a video on youtube for copyright?

Answer Don't worry about it, Youtube just asks its users to flag material that goes against copyright or guidelines. Since you flagged it for copyright, Youtube will look to see if it actually was a copy... Read More »

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How do i add music to my youtube video without me getting a copyright message?

put a disclaimer like this in your video descriptionDISCLAIMER: This video I have made is purely for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement is intended upon the respective owners. (... Read More »

The difference between a copyright strike and a content match in youtube video>?

.... why do people do illegal stuff, and than question why stuff happens to them?A strike is a strike(infraction), and cannot be removed, otherwise you could continuosly do illegal things on and on... Read More »

Is adding a youtube video to stumbleupon as a favorite considered copyright violation?

No, because you're not transferring actual content (merely storing a link).Besides, if a copyright owner wanted to stop that, he/she would simply disable embedding.

How do you make a youtube video with music without getting copyright?

You need to acquire music clips that are royality free, meaning you can use them without copyright issues. There are any sites that have low cost and free audio clips you can use. Do a search for "... Read More »