Accidently drank alchohol?

Answer Maybe...Although I doubt you will get really drunk, you just may feel a little..ehhh buzzed is the word. Still, I say don't drive for the next hour or so and drink some water and carbs( bread, past... Read More »

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I drank some water out of a glass that a cat drank put this dangerous?

yeah my brother did that and he grew a tail

I got a little bit of Rubbing Alchohol in my eye, Help?

Ya, you will be fine.I would rinse it a couple more times.

Ok, what are 5 ways to say no to alchohol?

No thanksNo thank youI don't think soI'd rather notNo way, no howGo awayBite meTake a hikeWhy don't you drink it?Beat itGet the heck outa hereLeave me aloneNeed I say more??

I always need to pee when drinking alchohol?

It's normal. Alcohol is fluid, your body needs to release your intake of it.Everyone who drinks always needs to piss.