Accidently deleted HIDs for keyboard?

Answer hi...I do like to help...………

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I accidently deleted ice age village app on my ipad 2?

Yes, go to the app store and go to My Apps. It should be there.

I accidently deleted some drivers file. Help?

Follow these directions to fix the HOSTS file: files in the system 32 folder is a bad plan. This could cause major problems.Try running the System Fi... Read More »

HELP! Accidently deleted photos from sd card!?

Try this, no guarantees.Try this, Download the program must not take anymore pictures on your card.You will need a card reader either on your computer or an external USB c... Read More »

I accidently deleted a picture from my panasonic camera.?

Do not take more pictures or write anything to your memory card.Go to this site:…Download and run this application, with either your memory card in a card... Read More »