Accidentaly ate aluminium foil.?

Answer It's fine. You're fine. No need to vomit or freak out. Our bodies can stand a lot of non-food stuff...or...errr..not a lot..but some foil is not going to hurt you. The occasional cling wrap or ... Read More »

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Can you flat iron aluminium foil?

Yes, you can. I do this quit often when I am doing a partial conditioning treatment on someone with bleached sections. I coat the hair in the treatment then wrap it in foil and just clamp the flat ... Read More »

How to Make an Aluminium Foil Pencil Holder?

Here's how to make an inexpensive pencil holder with common items around the house and just one or two things to buy and look like it's made of silver!

Is aluminium foil safe to use on electric stove elements?

Aluminum foil can be used underneath electric stove elements to keep the drip pans clean. Do not use aluminum foil on the top portion of a stove or on the bottom of an oven, as placement in either ... Read More »

Thermal foil insulation, which way should the foil face?

The foil should face the warm side of the wall or floor, otherwise it will trap condensation.