Accidentally poked under finger nail with staple?

Answer Ouch! Your story reminded me of when I was a little girl. I saw my auntie trying to fix a stapler and her finger got punctured and suddenly a bead of red appeared on her finger o_O.Anyways...maybe ... Read More »

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Accidentally poked my eye with my fingernail?

You should be okay. But if there's still pain in a few days you should go to the eye doctor to get it checked. Hope it feels better soon! :)

Broken finger nail ,under the nail?

Cut the nail short and put a band aid over it, you have to wait for the nail to grow a bit. It will take a week or two...........

How to get rid of poo smell after your finger nail accidentally went throuth the toilet paper?

Cut your nails shorter if you're unsuccessful at cleaning under them. Use a nail brush, or something small to scrape the crap off from underneath your nail.Don't use perfume... combine that smell w... Read More »

I trapped my finger in a door today and now there's a bruise under the nail!!?

Your blood is bleeding under the nail , and you need to see a Doctor as the pressure will increase.The nail has to be punctured to take the pressure off, and it is done with a n anathestic. after a... Read More »