Accidentally made a new hole in my ear?

Answer if it looks uneven you should let the new hole heal and repierce the old hole, unless you dont mind it being uneven

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I accidentally made my internet full screen. help?

If all else fails, just reboot your computer.

I want to know how I could fill a hole, made by darts, on my wall?

Use spackle, let it dry, sand it lightly and retouch it with paint.

What would happen if u made a hole in a normal spider bite?

Thats incredibly stupid. But since im incredibly bored, ill answer it anyways. Nothing will happen but perhaps a small amount of blood and even smaller amount of clear liquid may come out of it. Th... Read More »

Have you ever fallen down a hole in the street and made a claim to the council for damages?

I took our local council to court when my Daughter trip in a whole and broke her nose that badly she needs surgery latter in life, the hole was not in the street but in our council home where they ... Read More »