Accidentally Used Unleaded Instead of Diesel?

Answer You may be able to tell the difference between diesel and unleaded fuel, but your boat’s engine can’t. It will try to burn whatever you put in the tank, but won’t get very far. If the dock at... Read More »

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Does the 2001 VW bug use diesel or unleaded gasoline?

The 2001 Volkswagen Beetle came in 5 model lines. The GL model (with a 2-liter L4 engine) and the GLS and GLX models (with a 1.8-liter turbocharged L4 engine) used unleaded fuel. The GLS TDI model ... Read More »

What is the difference between diesel&unleaded fuel?

Unleaded fuel is cheaper and cleaner than diesel fuel, which has a much greater sulfur content. Diesel surpasses unleaded in fuel efficiency, though, yielding significantly more miles per gallon.Co... Read More »

Why does diesel fuel cost more than unleaded?

The main reason that diesel prices are higher than gasoline prices is higher demand. Diesel demand is increasing in China and Europe, added to the already strong demand for the fuel in the U.S. Th... Read More »

If i take 70/30 insulin 50 in am and 20 in thevening, but accidentally took another 50 in the evening instead?

You could crash overnight. 70/30 kicks in within ~30 minutes and peaks in 2-4 hours. Lasts for a half-day or so. So eat immediately afterward, check frequently - I would actually eat a snack and go... Read More »