Access Query: How to Update an Autonumber ID?

Answer Every time you delete a record or import records from another source in your Microsoft Access database, Autonumber fields continue without resetting. After a while, the Autonumber IDs become too lo... Read More »

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How to Access a Make Table Query Autonumber?

Knowing how to programmatically create a table and then add an auto number field using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can save you time when working with Microsoft Office Access. Access is a ... Read More »

What is an update query in Access?

An update query is a way to modify multiple rows of data with one SQL statement. It is faster and more efficient to use an update query than manually editing tables directly. An update query can be... Read More »

How to Create a Table in Access 2007 With AutoNumber?

Create tables in Access 2007 with the table templates available on the "Create" tab. These tables include fields you can modify. The different fields have data types that define the type of inform... Read More »

Why Use an Access Query?

Microsoft Access is used to build relational databases. Queries are used to ask questions of data that is stored in tables. These queries can pull data from one table or they can pull data from mu... Read More »