Accelerated Math Projects for the 4th Grade?

Answer As a fourth grade teacher, you may want to consider introducing your more advanced students to projects more appropriate for their ability level. One approach that you can take is to introduce some... Read More »

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Math Projects for 2nd & 3rd Grade?

Children in the second and third grade learn math best from hands-on projects. By this point in elementary school, teachers and parents can set goals for students to be able to understand the value... Read More »

Grade 5 & 6 Math Projects?

Upper-elementary mathematics is much more diverse than in the past. Today, students learn concepts ranging from data analysis to measurement. By assigning your students a project in one of these co... Read More »

Grade 2 Math Projects?

Math projects are ways to get pupils involved in their education and give them further understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas. In the second grade, math includes adding, subtracting, patt... Read More »

7th Grade Math Projects?

Math projects are a great way to assess how well 7th graders have learned the concepts they have been studying. Much of the math learned at this age lends itself to hands-on projects. Consider usin... Read More »