Academy Bus Tours?

Answer Academy bus is the largest privately owned and operated transportation company in the United States. It runs charter and commuter bus lines along the East Coast from Boston to Washington, D.C., and... Read More »

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What are the main differences between the US Military Academy and the US Naval Academy?

Perhaps the biggest difference is that cadets at the US Military Academy, West Point, are trained as officers for the US Army, and those at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, are trained as officers ... Read More »

Can you have tattoos at the air force academy or any other military academy?

physically, sure, but it will get heavy very fast, you will be very inaccurate, impossible to reload your weapon, and is not recommended, you could be better with two uzi's, mack 10's or other smal... Read More »

Does army nco academy cross over to air force nco academy?

BBC television tours?

i think it must be EastEnders loads of people watch it.