About i have questions!?

Answer I was on myspace, and I got a user comment from my friend saying she was getting tons of money from and I should check it out. I wrote her back asking if it was for real. She said she ... Read More »

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I have some questions about computers. Please help if you know a lot about them.?

1) antimalwares which detects the malwares on your computer like antivirus.

Need some help with an Entity Relation Diagram. I have most of it done but have 2 questions about it.?

How do you ensure, in your diagram, that there is exactly one and only one employee assigned to manage an office? Normally, it's not a good idea to encode a control field (your 'd' item under EMPLO... Read More »

I have a few questions about smoking?

1.I was 16 in 1963 2.Camping in my best friends back yard 3. No, No one ever thought about that back then. Every one smoked, on T.V. in the Movies our parents, even the Dr.'s smoked. 4.I quit many ... Read More »

I have a few questions about FACEBOOK!!?

My Space is designed more as a place for guys and girls to meet, whereas Facebook may have some of that but I notice the whole family can participate.I recently joined it to see many of my brothers... Read More »