About watching videos online.?

Answer Nahhh! Just leave it behind and look for other options. Google for other websites.That video will be removed by YouTube sooner or later.

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Is dsl internet good for watching videos online?

oh YEAH!!!Have AT&T DSL Elite with wireless router. Have a Netflix account, movies on demand. Have a ROKU box connected to the home theater.Can look up a movie on NetFlix and be watching it on th... Read More »

Does watching videos on youtube mean your streaming videos and use up your gb?

Yes you are downloading the videos, so therefore you are using your gigabytes. I have Hughesnet Satellite Internet and I can only use YouTube so many times a day before I go over the allowance.

You Tube and watching videos?

If your YouTube seems slow or stuck, and you get strange messages on your computer or advice from people to eitherchange, update or install things:....DON'T. It's never a good idea to fool around ... Read More »

Is watching videos on legal?

It should be legall dobt worry if your scared then get netflix and THAT WEBSITE CAN OLY GET INTROUBLE IF ITS ILLIGAL NOT YOU