About this worm Is this true?

Answer Yup. It's actually a worm, not a virus, and it will only affect computers that are already infected.If you can get updates for Windows and your AV, etc, it's pretty certain you don't have it.Sounds... Read More »

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Is this true about Switzerland?

Is this a Roman Polansky related question? Supposedly, he has a lot of sympathy in France and Switzerland. Which blows bc he DRUGGED the 13 yo girl in addition to committing statuatory rape. If h... Read More »

Is this true about the internet?

*puts on tin foil hat*Okay.. now that I'm dressed for the part.... The answer isn't really a simple yes or no.. it's not that everything you do can be tracked or logged but it's not like you can b... Read More »

Is this true about youtube?

I don't think there is a lot of porn out there, but there is some wierd stuff out on youtube. I would not let a child browse youtube unsupervised.

Is this true girls about periods?

thats what i've heard. but it could be just a myth.