About the Variegated Kind of Chalcedony?

Answer Chalcedony is a quartz that is micro-crystalline or crypto-crystalline in nature. Chalcedony is available in a variety of colors and is commonly known as bloodstone, agate, onyx, carnelian and chry... Read More »

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What color is chalcedony?

Chalcedony is a gemstone that has been used for sculpture and jewelry. This gemstone can be found naturally in several different colors, various shades of the listed colors or a mixture of the foll... Read More »

Is chalcedony a mineral, animal or vegetable?

Chalcedony is a type of mineral made up of a mixture of quartz and another silica mineral called morganite. When chalcedony has circular bands, it is called agate. When the bands stack in flat laye... Read More »

My Variegated Weigela Is Not Blooming?

The variegated weigela shrub has small, pink flower clusters when in bloom from early spring to late summer. When shrubs won't bloom, it can be the result of one or more problems with the environme... Read More »

How to Create Variegated Plants?

Variegation occurs in a plant as a result of a mutation or harmless virus. These conditions are hard to re-create, but methods for creating variegated plants are presently being developed by botani... Read More »