About the Measure of Activity in a Flexible Budget?

Answer The flexible budget is a specific tool managerial accountants prepare for a company. The biggest difference between the flexible budget and a static budget is variable costs. The flexible budget re... Read More »

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The Importance of a Flexible Budget?

LiveJournal and Facebook are two social networks with millions of users around the world. Though they both enable you to add other users on the site and create your own personal reading list of oth... Read More »

Can you run a flexible hose for the refrigerator icewater maker instead of copper tubing And how long can this flexible hose be?

Answer The hose can be as long as needed. The plastic line for ice makers is heavy enough and carries so little pressure that it is not an issue. One of the reasons for copper is to keep mice fr... Read More »

A question about paranormal activity?

You're in a consumer electronics forum. You can always get a few answers to TV programming questions here, but there is actually a separate Yahoo Answers forum for that where you can expect more an... Read More »

About Me Preschool Book Activity?

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