About reiki?

Answer Reiki is taught by a Reiki Master/Teacher to the student. You would need to find a Reiki Master/Teacher in your area to learn the art of Reiki healing and to be attuned in order to have the abili... Read More »

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Question about reiki healing - please answer if you can!?

Your question made me wonder, so I contacted my Reiki Teacher. She said she would teach it to me, but I don't know when that will happen as she is 4 hours away from me, so it will be on our next v... Read More »

How to Use Reiki Energy?

Reiki can be a powerful tool to provide yourself with emotional healing or guide you through the challenges of life. You can use Reiki in a number of ways by setting an intention for what direction... Read More »

How to Be a Spokesperson for Reiki?

Eileen Dey, M.A., LMHC, Director

How to Choose a Reiki Teacher?

Some people have trouble selecting the right Reiki teacher and it's safe to say that not all Reiki teachers are created equally. To that end here is a list of things to consider when choosing a Rei... Read More »