About recording my favorite "You Tube" videos to a cd.?

Answer this will help you...Use 'zillatube'. it will help you to easily transfer youtube video onto a cd/dvd (in mpg or mp3 formats).This is the fastest way.Just use it to download and convert to mpg for... Read More »

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Whenever i watch streaming videos (you tube), it loads about a qtr of the bar and then refuses to load anymore?

I get that. Are you pausing till it's buffered? I think maybe it's being clever and knows you're not watching, so it's trying to save bandwidth.Let it play out in a minimised window with the sound ... Read More »

Software To Increase You Tube Videos Quality Like

I recommend you use “E.M. Youtube Video Download Tool”.Download video from YouTube, yahoo, Google video, iFilm, blogTV, Putfile, Metacafe, DailyMotion, ... it is a very strong tool, it can Down... Read More »

What method of recording videos produces the best quality videos to...?

Method?Never capture handheld. Always use some sort of steadying device. Tripod, rock, chair... anything, but not handheld.If you need to zoom, zoom slowly.If you need to pan, pan slowly.It is pref... Read More »

How to Make Youtube Videos About Your Favorite Candidate?

Make a YouTube video in 20 minutes that may help your candidate get elected... or you can trash your least favorite candidate!