About juicing wheatgrass...?

Answer What model juicer do you have? Some juicers juice wheatgrass well and many don't.

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What is a juicing orange?

A juicy orange is Valencia oranges as apposed to Naval oranges. Roll the orange on the counter top, pressing it a bit to release the juices inside before you cut the orange.

Can frozen carrots be used for juicing?

Frozen carrots are a candidate for juicing, as frozen vegetables retain all of their nutritional content if blanched and frozen quickly after being harvested. Juicing machine companies recommend th... Read More »

Do oranges have to be peeled before juicing?

Oranges do not have to be peeled in order to be juiced, but they should be sliced in half to expose the fleshy insides. Common oranges used for juicing are navel and Valencia varieties.Source:Sunki... Read More »

What are the [health] benefits of juicing?

Luisy, Let me give you a quick crash course why you should juice. Dietary guidelines recommend you eat 5 to 13 (well balanced) servings of fruit and vegetables each and everyday. In the real wo... Read More »