About how much would it be to fix a watch?

Answer I'm not an expert, just a guy who wanted to get an estimate on an old wind-up I had. No digital display, no battery, not even a self wind model. All of the local jewelers I talked to said it would... Read More »

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I'm about to finish Stargate SG-1 and i found out that there are 2 movies left to watch The Ark of Truth and Continuum When would be a good time to watch them before i finish or after?

The first one is sort of 'status quo', in other words could happened at almost any time through the series. The second one is some sort of final for the entire serie. They close some plots in it, ... Read More »

About a year ago i thought i would back up my dvd collection onto an exteral hard drive and watch the films?

The audio in the files is in a format the TV isn't compatible with. Watch them from your computer, watch the originals. or convert the files to the correct audio format.

AT&T = About how much would this cost?

around 100 for medianet or 115 for a data plan

I want to get a 36 inch (wide) flatscreen tv... about how much would it cost for a nice one?

i don't know if you're willing to sacrifice 4 inches or not but heres a good deal i saw in hhgreggs weekly ad…