About how much will the bill from the ER be for 22 stitches?

Answer I'd guess $100 per stitch.Edit: I'm totally serious and to prove my point here is a link showing what someone paid for stitches in the emergency room. Obviously, not all hospitals are exactly the s... Read More »

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Is it ok to remove external stitches in 7 to ten days even when there are internal stitches that will desolve?

I use to be a nurse and it is best to let them go on their on. Do not touch them or they could become infected if not completely healed.

My boyfriend got stitches and the bill has doubled?

It sounds like the doc's double billing, refer this to the insurance company.

How much will my hospital bill be?

There are no bills for medical services in Canada.Your bill, which you will never see would be none, zero, zilch, nothing.Oh, did I mention it? Nothing..

Do you think Bill will feel bad about Caroline falling off the balcony to the tennis court on B&B?

He will feel guilty then Katie will go after him with a vengeance then the cops will investigate then her mom Caroline and the other mother will show up and ask questions on what happened ,then Car... Read More »