About how much will a 4GB pen drive cost?

Answer around $30 or £16

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How much does a jump drive cost?

Jump drives are sold for different prices, depending on the amount of gigabytes and the style. In late 2009, jump drives ranged in price from just under $20 to some that are more than $100.Source:O... Read More »

How much does a blue ray drive cost?

No the PS3 games are on Blu-ray disc and if it did not have a blu-ray player it could not play the games except as downloads from the PlayStation network. In any case it is not sold without the Blu... Read More »

How much does it cost to drive one mile?

Fill your tank, note your odometer reading. Drive 100 miles or so. Refill your tank. Note how much fuel it takes and the price of gasoline per gallon. Write down the mileage between fill ups. Divid... Read More »

How much does a USB flash drive cost?

Depending on your computer needs, a USB flash drive can cost as little as $10.99 and prices go up to $299. The storage capacity you require determines the price.Source:USB Flash Drive