About how much a month do you make from google ads on your website?

Answer A site with around 500 views a day would make approx $100 a month. Not very much. Takes a while to add up. Hope this helps.Plus google doesn't give you a set amount for each click, it can range fro... Read More »

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How to Make Your Own Google Website?

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How much can we earn after registering our website with google adsense is it worth maintaning a website?

First of all Good Question.If you are in IndiaDomain / .org / .net - Rs.1200/- (1GB Space) (Domain + Space).in means - Rs.1600/- same as aboveFor Designing website for 5 pages (All... Read More »

How to Make a Website About You and Your Nerd Friends?

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How much money does Google make from AdSense?

Google made $1.35 billion dollars from Google AdSense during the third quarter of 2009. This projects to approximately $5.4 billion dollars per year from Google AdSense