About how many times does the eye blink per year?

Answer On average, our eyes blink around 6.25 million times a year, or 17,000 times each day, according to the book "Your Vital Statistics" by Gyles Brandreth. That equals one blink every five seconds. Th... Read More »

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How many times do humans blink in a minute?

Humans, on average, blink fifteen times per minute. This rate depends on internal factors like mental and emotional state and external factors like irritants in the air or bright lights.Source:The ... Read More »

I am a 24 year old female and within the last year and a half I have wet my bed 3 times?

It is called Nocturnal enuresis it is the involuntary passage of urine while you are asleep. It is not uncommon but you should see a urologist. Also during REM sleep you are paralyzed so your abilt... Read More »

How many times can an IRA be rolled over in a year?

You can only initiate a rollover from an IRA account once per 12-month period. For example, if you rolled over money from one of your IRAs, you could not roll over money from that same account for ... Read More »

How Many Times a Year Are Dividends Paid?

Dividends are corporate profits paid out to company stockholders. Dividends are declared by the board of directors and are typically paid quarterly, but there are several exceptions in which divide... Read More »