About how many calories did i eat today?

Answer Hey! There are many ways you can check how many calories there are in everything you have ( is a great way to check how many calories everything has).Cereal 160 cal2% Milk (1/3 cup)... Read More »

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Did I eat enough calories today?

use this link calculate your calories and the value of what you have eaten

I ate 3000+ calories today (gross) out of my neurotic politeness (2 bbq's 1 day) the last 2 weeks 8 had no?

I know what you mean about eating out of politeness.You probably haven't done any lasting damage though, there's approximately 3500 calories in just 1 pound of body fat, so worst come to worst you'... Read More »

Will i Lose weight if i eat 1200 calories and i burn at least 100 calories?

Burn 1250 calories/day plus calories consumed?

The calculator I use (it's been fairly accurate for me) estimates that you burn closer to 2900 calories in a day if sedentary (assuming you're a teen or young adult). 1940 seems more accurate for y... Read More »