About braces...?

Answer They are working trust me it's just your teeth has adapted to them now! so your fine do not worry!GL with your braces I had them!anyways bye :)

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Colors for braces, if you don't know anything about colors on braces LEAVE NOW!?

Few Questions about Braces?

I got braces a couple months ago! Much improvement already. :)1. It usually takes an hour in a half, maybe add the time it takes for them to explain how you use your toothbrush, floss, etc. 2. It d... Read More »

Worried about braces!?

-You will feel an irritable pain in your teeth for up to a week after getting your braces, but the pain will gradually decrease as time goes by. This is simply your teeth adjusting to the braces.-I... Read More »

Question About Braces!?

I have braces but without the wire(get the wires Thursday) but I will try to answer ur questions. 1 maybe turquoise and pink ? I only have pink right now2 pink3well my brackets(without the wire) t... Read More »