About Yellow Nails?

Answer While the yellowing of nails can appear due to staining from nail polish enamels and tobacco use, this situation is temporary and carries no health risks. But another type of nail yellowing can be ... Read More »

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How to Fix Yellow Nails?

Discolored nails sometimes appear after wearing dark nail colors, but they also can be a symptom of an underlying illness, such as diabetes or lung disease. If you frequently wear dark nail color, ... Read More »

Causes of Yellow Nails?

It isn't just nail polish that can make nails different colors. Nail discoloration can be an indicator of underlying health problems or simply a result of the aging process. Nails can turn white, b... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Yellow Nails?

Long polished nails are important to your beauty regimen, but when nails turn yellow they can be embarrassing and make you want to hide your hands. Not only do yellow nails look hideous, but they'r... Read More »

How to Remove Yellow Nails?

Yellow nails are unsightly and embarrassing when you want to show your hands and nails off, especially if you do not want to wear nail polish. Stubborn yellow nails can be remedied with simple home... Read More »