About Yellow Apples?

Answer Apples are healthy snacks that are relatively easy to grow. These were first were grown in Kazhakstan, which is located in Central Asia. When people think about apples, they generally think about r... Read More »

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How about I compare apples to apples then...hmm?

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How to Teach Preschoolers About Apples?

Preschool children learn not only by seeing, but also by touching, tasting and manipulating the subjects they explore. According to Victoria Fu, a professor of human development at Virginia Tech, p... Read More »

Crafts About Apples for Kids?

Apple crafts can be incorporated into a theme unit on Johnny Appleseed, a nutrition lesson on healthy foods, or to celebrate the beginning of the school year. There are numerous ideas for apple cra... Read More »

Science Projects About Apples?

Science projects that include fruit are fun, especially if the project allows the students to use their senses. Projects that allow the students to taste, smell or feel a physical change will offer... Read More »