About World Hunger & Overpopulation?

Answer World hunger and overpopulation are two of the most important issues that humanity faces. Major international nonprofit organizations and international coalitions take steps to alleviate the proble... Read More »

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How to End World Hunger?

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How to Understand the Cost of World Hunger?

According to a 2008 report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, it would only take $30 billion annually to end world hunger."In an impassioned speech at the opening of ... Read More »

World Hunger School Projects?

The World Health Organization professes hunger and malnutrition to be the greatest threat to the health of the world's people. Children are the world's future, so they should not be kept in the dar... Read More »

How to Take Action to Solve World Hunger?

The number of hungry people has risen significantly in recent years: in 1990 there were about 822 million, in 2008 about 963 million people. On 19th June 2009, the BBC told that now officially a bi... Read More »