About Winter White Dwarf Hamsters?

Answer If you bought your dwarf hamster from a pet store you can be almost certain that it is not a Winter White Dwarf hamster. Winter White hamsters are not extremely common, but in recent years they've ... Read More »

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Information on Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters?

Originating from eastern Kazakhstan and southwest Siberia, the dwarf winter white Russian hamster was discovered in the early 1970s. The breed is somewhat rare. In fact, they are not commonly found... Read More »

What can dwarf hamsters eat?

Dwarf hamsters require only a small amount of food (about two tablespoons daily). They can have fairly varied diets although there are a few foods to avoid. Make sure to feed them in the evening as... Read More »

How big are dwarf hamsters?

Dwarf hamsters typically reach a size of between two to four inches long. Other adult hamster breeds are typically 8 to 12 inches long. Dwarf hamsters may be considered an adult at six to eight wee... Read More »

Do dwarf hamsters need to be separated?

On One Hand: Hamsters Can Live TogetherSame-sex dwarf hamsters can live happily together in pairs or groups, but it is common for them to fight. If the fighting gets out of hand, they should be sep... Read More »