About Window Shutter Installation?

Answer Decorative window shutters are found at the sides of windows on many homes. These shutters are non-functioning and are installed to give the house an added dimension. Shutters are most often made o... Read More »

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Exterior Window Shutter Ideas?

Shutters were once only used inside homes for protection from a variety of elements but emerged to a home's exterior in the 19th century. Two main types of shutters exist: fixed and operable. Each ... Read More »

How many seconds is a normal shutter speed i have a nikon n80 with adjustable shutter speed and i was wondering what the noraml shutter speed is?

Shutter speed depends upon available light, aperture, the subject, and camera settings. If a picture is being taken in low light with a slow lens (larger aperture number), then the shutter may need... Read More »

What shutter speed setting allows the photographer to keep the shutter open indefinaltely?

Hello, not all cameras have this setting, but on SLR's the setting is called "BULB". This refers to the old cable release device which had an air filled plastic bulb on one end. When the bulb was p... Read More »

What does this mean about shutter release?

The camera has taken 2733 pictures in it's lifetime so far. Most shutters are rated for minimum lifetime of 100,000-200,000 and it is perfectly possible to manage 1,000,000 actuations.