About Whale Blubber Used in Lipstick?

Answer Perhaps you have heard the song by Graham Nash from 1975 called "Wind on the Water," where he laments the killing of whales for frivolous reasons, such as to "make the lipstick for your face." An... Read More »

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When was whale blubber first used in lamps?

Whale blubber was first boiled down and used as oil for lamps in the 1700s. Whale oil burned cleaner and with fewer odors than other oils, but it was very expensive. More affordable kerosene replac... Read More »

What does the phrase whale the tar out of him mean?

The phrase "whale the tar out him," or "whale the tar out of someone," means that one is going to hit, attack or spank someone severely. The phrase is closely related to the phrase "beating the tar... Read More »

How many bones are in a whale?

There are roughly 84 known types of whale, with varying numbers of bones. As an example, the blue whale has 176 bones, while others have over 200 bones, similar to a human, albeit in larger sizes.S... Read More »

How big is a blue whale's eye?

The eye of the adult blue whale is about the size of a softball (3.8 inches across), depending on the overall size of the animal, according to Frederick Wenzel of WhaleNet at Wheelock College. The ... Read More »