About Waxing?

Answer The use of wax to remove unsightly hair from our bodies is not a modern phenomenon. In fact, ancient Egyptian women used a sugary wax-like substance to keep their bodies hair-free. Despite advances... Read More »

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DIY Car Waxing?

When you keep your car waxed, you are extending the life of the paint, protecting it from UV rays, moisture and environmental pollution. Waxing your car also helps keep the paint looking glossy and... Read More »

How to Do Waxing for Men?

Excess body hair for men seems to be a thing of the past. Men of all ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities, professions and sizes are removing unwanted hair from their bodies. The most common area... Read More »

Waxing Products for Men?

Men's hair does not share the same characteristic as women's hair. This makes waxing products made for women useless when used on men's hair. Although women's products dominate the market for this ... Read More »

The Purpose of Waxing Your Car?

Waxing a car is a common practice that is designed to coat a car's paint job with automotive wax to improve its appearance and make it last longer. Although waxing a car is not a necessity, and alt... Read More »