About Water Striders?

Answer Water striders, also called pond skaters, are insects that live on the surfaces of ponds, lakes, streams and other slow-moving bodies of water. They usually cluster together in groups and scurry al... Read More »

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How to Get Rid of Water Striders?

Water striders are also called skipper bugs or Jesus bugs because they glide across the surface of still water. Most people who own pools or have water displays around their house will encounter wa... Read More »

Question about how to clean out my hot water tank. My hot water is always cloudy, but not the cold?

"Cloudy" could simply mean air bubbles. Fill a glass and let it sit. If it's air, it will clear in minutes. Air bubbles, in the past, weren't harmful

Is one teaspoonful of water about the same as one gram of water in the metric system?

There are 0.20288 teaspoons in every gram, meaning there are about 5 grams in every teaspoon. Hence, one teaspoonful of water is not about the same as one gram of water in the metric system.Source:... Read More »

We all hear about the positives but what about the negatives of drinking water?

Besides making a person go to the bathroom too often they are alot of chemicals in our water systems these days that can cause infections or sicknesses. That's why those filters are very helpful.