About Wage Garnishment and Collection?

Answer Most creditors will attempt to collect consumers' debts amicably via telephone calls and letters before proceeding to other collection methods. If an individual ignores a creditor's attempts to eli... Read More »

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Facts About Wage Garnishment Resulting from Being Sued?

After a creditor sues you, it often has the option to recover the debt you owe by using the resulting court judgment to request a writ of garnishment. When it serves your employer with the writ of ... Read More »

I have a defaulted student loan with a wage garnishment of about $300 per month. Help me consolidate?

Well, sorry to break it to you, but the feds are 'screwing you over' because you tried to screw them over. If you were unemployed, you should have worked with them immediately to get a deferment o... Read More »

Wage Garnishment Law?

Wage garnishment is a form of debt collection by which a creditor can legally collect funds directly from a debtor's employee, effectively being paid out straight from the debtor's paycheck. Althou... Read More »

How can I stop a wage garnishment?

Learning that you are the subject of a wage garnishment is a frustrating and even frightening experience. Like most people, you absolutely depend on your paycheck and budget your life around the ex... Read More »