About Trimming a Beard?

Answer Trimming is a necessary grooming technique for men who have facial hair. This is especially true of beards, which can grow wildly out of control. Though the length and frequency of trims may vary, ... Read More »

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Trimming a Large Beard?

Whether you want a cleaner, more professional look or just want to spark more growth in your large beard, you can trim your beard at home as well as a barber. While it may seem tedious, trimming yo... Read More »

Trimming a Shaggy Beard?

Grizzly, unkempt facial hair is usually not suitable for the work world. Men do not get out of the task of grooming and hair removal. A beard should enhance your looks instead of detracting from th... Read More »

Trimming a Labradoodle's Beard?

When groomed, a labradoodle -- a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle -- should have a neat cut that allows the fur to fall naturally. The beard-like hair of the muzzle, which all male l... Read More »

Beard Trimming Techniques With Trimmers?

If you are keen on growing out your beard and want the flexibility to trim and manicure your own beard without relying on the predefined adjustable settings of a beard trimmer,specific grooming tec... Read More »