About The Williams Lantern Color Sense Test?

Answer Color vision deficiency (CVD), commonly known by its inaccurate term "color blindness," occurs in 8 percent of men and .5 percent of women in the U.S, per the American Academy of Ophthalmology. CVD... Read More »

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How to Convert an Oil Lantern Into an Electric Lantern?

An old spooky lantern can be a great Halloween prop. But why mess with the oil or kerosene when you can convert it to an electric lamp? Here are some hints for converting an old lamp into a new one.

Sherwin-Williams Color Safety Guide?

Sherwin-Williams is a multinational manufacturer of color-coatings for surfaces such as plastics, metal and wood. The Sherwin-Williams color safety guide conforms to Occupational Safety and Health ... Read More »

What does Sense and Sensibility say about marriage?

The message of Sense and Sensibility is that people should marry for love rather than for money.

What is more about Sunita Williams' education?

A synthetic "rubber" stiffened up, loosing its ability to fill a gap in the space shuttle Challenger's external rockets. A "blowtorch" of burning gases spewed out and burned its way into the huge h... Read More »