About Teaching Speaking Skills in ESL?

Answer Speaking practice is a vital part of teaching English as a second language. ESL students need the practice of hearing themselves speak English to improve, even if they are shy about it at first. En... Read More »

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How to Improve Speaking Skills?

Most people are petrified at the thought of public speaking. Yet we speak before an audience every day when we communicate with friends, family and coworkers. Whether you speak to one person or 100... Read More »

Games for Listening & Speaking Skills?

Speaking and listening skills are important for everyone, regardless of age or education. These skills can be taught in the classroom, in the workplace or when learning a new language. There are va... Read More »

How to Improve Public Speaking Skills?

Public speaking skills can be a hassle if you are insecure or introvert. However, a little bit of a practice and a little boost of confidence can heal the problem that many have when it comes to pu... Read More »

Public Speaking Skills for Children?

Public speaking is a dreadful challenge for many adults, so just imagine how terrifying it can be for children. However, that doesn't mean they should avoid the situation. Encourage your children t... Read More »