About Tattoos?

Answer Tattoos are permanent body markings applied to the skin by inserting ink into layers of the skin. They are believed by some to provide protection, but they are more commonly used to serve as identi... Read More »

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Ignorance about tattoos?

Yes many people have tattoos, but people associate tattoos with trashy because it is usually these type of people that go out of their way to show their tattoos off while the majority don't make a ... Read More »

About Henna Tattoos?

Ink tattoos have become a mainstream obsession in the United States. For those people who are hesitant to commit to a permanent tattoo, henna tattooing is an option that became popular in the U.S.... Read More »

FAQ About Henna Tattoos?

People like henna tattoos because the tattoos are temporary -- the wearer doesn't have to worry about it lasting forever. A henna tattoo does not involve pain or needles. The tattoo artist paints h... Read More »

Tell me about your tattoos?

On my left foot (the top) I have 5 turtles representing my 5 adoptive kids and on my right foot I have 3 turtles representing my natural kids. Then I have 8 feet print going up my left leg. On my r... Read More »