About Tattoo Needles?

Answer Tattooing is becoming increasingly popular. However, as with any business, there are some tattoo parlors that have more creative and skilled artists, because their work with computerized drawings. ... Read More »

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How to Sterilize Tattoo Needles?

Tattoo needles really shouldn’t be used more than once, especially when tattooing different people. The tubes and other equipment, however, can be sterilized and used again. If you are tattooing ... Read More »

Different Gauges of Tattoo Needles & Their Use?

If you've ever gone into a tattoo parlor and gotten a tattoo -- or watched someone else get one -- you may have noticed that tattoo artists use different gauges of tattoo needles throughout the pro... Read More »

Facts About Pine Needles?

Prim Pines explains that there are over 100 species of pine tree in the world, and every pine tree grows thousands of needles over its life cycle. These pine needles vary in size and shape, but the... Read More »

Airline Regulations about Knitting Needles?

Many knitters carry their projects with them so they can work during downtime throughout the day. Knitters often wonder whether they will be allowed to knit while on an airplane.