About Tattoo Dangers & Side Effects?

Answer After a visit to a tattoo parlor, hopefully you will end up with a beautiful piece of body art that will last a lifetime. However, several complications can occur after the tattoo is finished. You ... Read More »

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Are there any hidden side effects or dangers using ion foot detox machines?

The most obvious concern would be electrocution, but i've never heard of one single incident of that happening. The way I understand it, the coil arrays in the water are DC current which won't elec... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Tattoo Inks?

Among questions that come to mind for anyone considering a tattoo should relate to safety concerns, including those about the ink itself. Since tattoo ink injects beneath the skin, it is only natu... Read More »

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The Effects of Getting a Tattoo Removed?

Tattoos are usually permanent, so it's not an easy process to get them removed. Previously, the tattoo would have been sanded away or cut out of the skin. Today, laser treatment is used to break do... Read More »