About Tampons?

Answer Tampons are the most popular form of menstrual flow control for women and girls in the United States. They are absorbent cylinders that are inserted into the vagina, and are usually made from a com... Read More »

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Help! Question about tampons girls only!?

First off, it is the vagina. Not where pee comes out, but not where poo does. It is in the middle. I usually put it in right after I use the restroom. Squat a bit and insert gently while attempting... Read More »

So people think I'm lying about being a virgin because I use jumbo sized tampons ?

Hahahahahahaahahahahaha I love the serious answers! (: Oh Mean Girls... Such a good movie! Good question though

Are tampons bad?

yes they're really bad!! tht's why they sell them everywhere to everyone.. No..., dont worry sweetheart they are perfectly fine. you just cant leave them in for longer thn like 8 hours but I think ... Read More »

Is it bad to use tampons at the age of 12?

No, it's fine. Just be sure to use the slim fits. The link below will give you more info. :)