About Styles for Short Waists?

Answer Do you find that short jackets just don't look right, or that thick belts make your body seem oddly situated? If this is the case, you may be short-waisted. A short waist is a common phenomenon tha... Read More »

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Styles for Short Wigs?

Short wigs come in a variety of colors, ranging from dark to light. Numerous styles are available from curly or straight to layered or blunt-cut. Regardless of skin tone or eye color, every individ... Read More »

Short Cornrow Styles?

Cornrows are hairstyles worn by both men and women that are generally tight-forming braids formed in rows down your skull. The rows can go in varying directions and do not necessarily have to be in... Read More »

Hot Short Hair Styles?

When a hairstyle is considered hot, it's trendy, sexy and daring. The style is worn by everyone from celebrities to the average Jane on the street. Whether you've always worn your hair short or jus... Read More »

Emo Short Hair Styles?

Many people have heard the word "emo" before but they are unsure what it means. Emo is a type of music, a style in fashion and for some, a way of life. To identify themselves as emo, many people st... Read More »