About Squirrels & Sunflowers?

Answer Sunflower plants are grown commercially for their seeds and as an ornamental plant in gardens. Each sunflower plant flower head can contain up to 2000 seeds. The seeds are a favorite food of squirr... Read More »

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How to Protect Sunflowers from Squirrels?

Sunflowers are tall, beautiful flowers that can adorn your backyard. Some varieties can even grow to more than 20 feet in height and have flowers that span 2 feet in diameter. But once the flowers ... Read More »

Where Can I Learn About Sunflowers?

This is an eBay link to the some of the worlds largest sunflowers… RScott

About Squirrels for Kids?

Squirrels are found in many parts of the world and come in dozens of varieties. They eat mostly foods they can find in nature, such as seeds, nuts and fruits, but are not shy about helping themselv... Read More »

How do squirrels keep their nuts safe from other squirrels?

Eating Habits: The average adult squirrel must eat about a pound of food a week to remain healthy. They are omnivores, so they will eat things such as: birdseed, spring bulbs, tree buds, frogs, sma... Read More »